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Volunteer For Us

Join the dedicated volunteers who play an important role in the community. We can't run smoothly without the help from wonderful volunteers like you. Whether you want to be at every event or help get donations, we have plenty of opportunities for everyone. This opportunity helps those who are dealing with loss, want to help others and people who have big hearts. If you are interested in joining us, please fill out and send in our volunteer application and you will be contacted by one of our committee members. We value the time and efforts our group of regular volunteers provide us; but we always look forward to working with others.


"Very powerful movement! Letting people know they're not alone and there's love in the world for them!"

-Cheryl Rutledge

"I'm grateful that I was blessed with this opportunity to volunteer with I AM ISIAH; it keeps me grounded and helps me give back to the community. I have the flexibility to help those who need it, while making meaningful connections. I see this organization as a gift from God."


                                      - Brenda McKnight

" The volunteers at I AM ISIAH have made a commitment to making this cause their life's work. We want people to know that there is hope and unconditional support out there for both those in crisis and their families. You NEVER have to go through this alone."

                                                         -Katherine E. Sargent

'' I feel honored to have the opportunity to talk with groups and individuals who may be struggling with depression or effected by suicide and share information, resource and support. I am thankful to have been apart of this organization."

                                                         -Katie McCall

Volunteer Application 

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