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Youth Mental Health First Aid



4: You are at a high school football game and excuse yourself to go get a hot dog. Near the
restrooms you notice a young man ranting and raving about things that don’t appear to be real.
You don’t recognize him and everyone around him seems a little frightened by his behavior.


Do you:
a) Ignore him. He’s not your problem as long as he doesn’t come anywhere near you or your

b) Assess the situation for risk of harm to yourself or others. If needed, encourage others not to
be confrontational with him. If you feel safe and able to approach him non-confrontationally,
ask if he’s okay and what help he might need. Consider notifying school personnel.

c) Approach him directly, standing squarely in front of him and making clear eye contact. Put
your hand on his shoulder and be assertive, telling him that he needs to leave the area.

5. You are concerned about a family friend who is having a really hard time at school lately. Every
morning he can hardly get out the door because his anxiety is so intense. When you talk with him
he says that he is having trouble sleeping and worries all the time about school work, what the
other kids think of him, and if he is safe in your town.

Do you:

a) Ask him a bit about his diet and caffeine intake. Suggest that sometimes a little extra exercise,
or even some yoga or mediation can help with anxiety. Suggest to him that if his anxiety
persists, he can always talk to his mom and maybe go see someone at the health center.

b) Tell him that you understand exactly what he is going through. When you were a kid growing
up on a military base in Japan you were afraid too, but one day your Dad shook you and told
you to be a man. It was hard at first, but eventually your nervousness went away.

c) Tell him that it is obvious that he is suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder and the best
thing for him to do is get some medication.                                                                                                                                                                                        p.2