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Youth Mental Health First Aid



9: You get along well with your little sister but her mood swings and love of partying are wearing thin. She can go without sleep for days and expects everyone else to do the same, coming up with poorly thought out projects and becoming annoyed at anyone less than enthusiastic about them. On other days she rarely leaves her house or says hello.


Do you:

a) Try to catch her in one of her quieter moments and share with her that you’re concerned about her moods, encouraging her to see her physician and offer to go along if she wishes.

b) Distance yourself from her. She might be a lot of fun at times, but you shouldn’t invest time and energy in the relationship as her split personality is draining for both of you.

c) Be direct with her about her unrealistic projects and lifestyle. You can only help her by forcing her to confront her obvious mental illness.


10: When you see your niece at Thanksgiving she appears to have lost a great deal of weight. She
says she is working on a project for school and takes her plate of turkey and trimmings to her room.
You go up to see her later and notice she has not touched her dinner.

Do you:

a) Compliment her on her self-control during such a high-calorie opportunity and tell her she
looks great – encourage her to keep it up!

b) Engage her in conversation, maybe asking how school is going. Mention that you notice her
weight loss, are concerned, and tell her you’re there for her if there’s ever anything she wants
to talk about.
c) You know she is a 4.0 student, so it’s okay to leave her alone to concentrate on her
schoolwork.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         p.4


Answers: 1.a,2c,3a,4b, 5a, 6c, 7a, 8b, 9a, 10b        Passing score: at least 6 correct out of 10